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St. Michael's Cremetory
Simple, Dignified Direct Cremation $1395.- Complete

Our Simple, Dignified, Direct Cremation Service is for families who want immediate cremation and only want to contract for the cremation itself.

Our Simple, Dignified, Direct Cremation Services at $1395.- include the following:

  • 24 Hour Availability of Licensed Professionals
  • Transfer of Remains from Hospital, Nursing home or Medical Examiners, within 30 miles of Boston (Additional fee of $2.00 per mile outside of this zone). If death occurs at home there is an additional fee of $95.00.
  • Basic Services of the Funeral Director and Staff.
  • Obtaining all Legal Documents and Permits
  • Cremation / Transit Permit.
  • Transportation of body to the Saint Michael's Crematory.
  • Alternative Cremation Container.
  • Cremation charges at Saint Michael's Crematory
  • Medical Examiner Fee.
  • Temporary Cremation Container for cremated remains.
Additional Cremation Services Available
  • Certified Copies of Death Certificate (depending on city or town)
  • Mailing Cremated remains within the United States $100.-
  • Private Family Viewing $250.-
  • Removal of Pacemaker $95.-
  • 50 Custom Personalized Acknowledgement cards $35.-
  • 50 Laminated Prayer Cards $50.-
  • Licensed Funeral Director for Private Burial of Cremated Remains at local Cemetery $195.-
  • Listing of Obituary on Funeral Home Web Page, No Charge
  • Cremation Urn prices from $95.- to $3995.-

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